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“Trudie has been a lifesaver! After a year of gaining weight and then a pandemic, I easily put on 10 lbs. Through her fitness programs, I’ve been able to take part in challenging workouts, eat delicious and healthy foods, while getting great advice on wellness and supplements. Through hard work I’ve lost the weight I gained. I’m working on losing more and I now have a more positive relationship with my body. As a trainer, Trudie really understands her clients and brings her positive energy, humour and empathy to the programs she builds and the advice she gives. I’m so happy to be working with her!”


Good morning, first thank you for your knowledge on my journey. First knowing that food is the key, to a healthy toned body, because I love to eat. I’m proud of the weight loss of 14lbs, and ready to continue on the next challenge. Since I’ve been active I have more energy, & don’t feel sluggish throughout the day. I really enjoy eating healthy & becoming creative with my meals️ “

Fay Xxx

The BodyEnvy program is the truth! I saw results in just 1 week and every week after. Trudie encourages results and is very knowledgeable. She provides modifications for all exercises which is helpful for people with injuries and sensitivities. If you want results, Trudie is the trainer for you!”


Trudy is a dynamic and knowledgeable trainer. While my goal was not to lose weight – most women want a flatter tummy and Trudie has delivered. But, she also takes care of the whole person. She has offered effective suggestions for helping me when I got sick, for improving my sleep, strengthening my immune system, she also created a delicious meal plan that was specifically tailored to me and she helped me source affordable workout equipment when they were nowhere to be found. But most importantly, workouts with Trudie are fun. In a few months, my pants fit better, I’m a lot stronger, I have more endurance and everyone is noticing how amazing my arms look.

Trudie does not disappoint!


I have been working out with trainers, and at gyms for many years, but I have never had these kinds of results, as I’ve had with Trudie – or had as much fun!!

Her program is intense, amazing, challenging but WOW I have never seen my body change like this! I feel strong, powerful and could see the results after just a few weeks.

Trudie is the ultimate coach – she is there for you, encouraging you to do your best, giving us great tips, and checking in to make sure we are doing ok and having fun! And she is also full of joy and positive energy, and encourages us to take care of our physical and mental wellness, and doesn’t believe in strict diets or going too far.

After more than 4 months on her program, I am still loving it!”

Karen R.

A little about me. I’m a mom of 3. I always use to work out. I would start and then stop for a while. I’m pretty much a healthy eater but I felt that the weight was not going anywhere. I followed Trudie for a while and would do a few of her routines. I was home for a few weeks with covid and I was missing the gym and eating. I saw the 14-day challenge and decided to try it. I had to start over. Finished one week and decided to do the 30-day challenge. I love how my body is changing. I have more energy and the meal plans are what I needed most, and the weight is really coming off. What I enjoy about training with Trudie is she checks on you to hold you accountable.”


The 14 Day Flat Tummy Challenge was a great experience. I’m an emotional eater with multiple jobs, which keeps my life and schedule very hectic. When I saw Trudie’s challenge, I took it to heart and used it to inspire me to get started losing the weight I’d gained. It’s amazing how quickly I watched my body change. By day 3, my energy level had increased, and I’ve been on a roll ever since.


Thank you, Trudie! I could not have done it without you! Trust me, I tried and failed😊

Lakeacha Bethea-Christmas

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