Get Fit With Trudie




About Get Fit With Trudie – Issa Lifestyle Boo:

Get Fit With Trudie-Issa Lifestyle Boo is exactly what it says, a lifestyle for the woman 40+.

As we “mature” our bodies change and we can either accept the changes or do something about it.

In this program you’ll learn how to make fitness a lifestyle, not to simply train for a season.

You’ll learn how to train smart, eat right and without restrictions while making healthier choices that will have you feeling and looking great.

Get Fit With Trudie-Issa Lifestyle Boo




  • This is a DIGITAL program.
  • You’ll receive instant access via email after completing your purchase.
  • This is a monthly subscription.
  • No refunds.


Do I need equipment?
If so, what kind?

Yes, you will need equipment to participate. Ideally, 2 sets of dumbbells that vary from 10-20 lbs.

Can I change tiers? 

Yes, you can. To do so, simply, CLICK HERE

Are the workouts done live? 

No they are not. The workouts are all pre-recorded. This way you choose the time of day that’s more conducive to your schedule to complete your workouts.

 What if I don’t have equipment but I want to work with you?

You can still work with me by joining 30 Day At Home Shred With Trudie as equipment are not needed.